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Supporting all partners, every affiliate styles

Every publisher is different. They have specific needs and constraints. We are committed to helping you perform at the top of the affiliate game, no matter what your affiliate style. We coach you every step of the way and pay commission quickly to reward you for your efforts.

Why publishers choose salepals affiliate network?

Discover why salepals is the reference affiliate network for ambitious publishers committed to increasing their earnings with affiliate marketing.

A large network of brand partners

Join salepals affiliate network and get privileged access to over 60,000 world-renowned brands from every of the major vertical markets (finance, food, travel, health, SaaS, e-commerce, and marketing software). Start profitable partnerships with brands that your audience will love, and programs that convert.

The highest commission rates on the market

For publishers, success in affiliate marketing partly depends on the commission rates they will receive. salepals only promotes high-paying merchants that pay high commission rates. We want to help you reach your revenue goals faster, no matter what your niche and category.

Personal & tailored support from experts

Our account management team helps publishers improve their skills and optimize performance. Benefit from the proactive support of your dedicated account manager and affiliate marketing specialist. Leverage insider knowledge to implement what works best in your field, receive relevant recommendations to experiment with new partnerships, and increase your revenue.

Simple Platform, Powerful Technology

With salepals, benefit from the most accurate conversion tracking in real-time to optimize your campaigns and grow your revenue. Access rapidly to all your links, banners, promotional, and analysis tools in one user-friendly platform. Find new brand partners with simple search features, clearly visible terms, and exposed contact information.

Multiple advantages to develop long-term partnerships

An affiliate network can only delight his mass media partners and brands by being extremely effective. For several years, salepals has demonstrated consistency in being able to offer an excellent service and attractive brand partnerships to editorial sites.

A variety of ways to promote

Our comprehensive tracking allows you to earn revenue through retail sales, travel bookings, lead generation, clicks, mobile or web app installs, downloads.

Simplified contracting

Our flexible & streamlined contracting process speeds up your workflow. It's now extremely easy to agree on the best terms for your business and start working with your brand partners without delay.

Painless linking

There’s no need to spend too much time copy/pasting a lot of tracking links on your site. Use our Smartlinker® technology and start working with your brand partners right away. Focus only on what matters: Quality content, promotional quality and performance.

Get paid anywhere, faster

salepals leverage a global reach to perform payments across 200+ countries. Issued every business day, most payments are received within 24 hours of authorization.

Turn your partnerships into a profit center

Work with businesses that are looking for partners like you

From flowers to flights, it doesn't matter what your niche is, we are confident you will find partnerships that you will want to promote to your audience.

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  • booking affiliate program
  • apple affiliate program
  • uber eats affiliate program
  • revolut affiliate program
  • netflix affiliate program

salepals is our platform of choice: First, the platform is reliable, it's user-friendly, and allows us to find top-performing brand partners and grow our advertiser base. Second, the account managers are talented, very responsive, and quick to suggest new strategies to grow. salepals is always keen to embrace new ideas and we look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Mike H.

Trusting salepals led them to affiliate success. Ready?

The salepals network is helping publishers to manage every aspect of their performance partnerships. They share their own experience and recommend us.

Salepals proposes a real following of the performance. The interface is fluid and allows accessing multiple campaigns rapidly. As a publisher, it's enjoyable to know which campaigns we must focus on. Moreover, my account manager is readily available to help and solve any issues.

Liliana W.

Fashion blogger

Salepals helps us connect and work with well-known brands. And allows us to have sophisticated tracking functionality that we wouldn't be able to build in-house. The software is best in class. The friendly and supportive team helps publishers align with each brand’s objectives.

Michel M.

Google Ads Campaign Manager

This affiliate network has lots of campaigns available for many regions, including the USA, UK, and SEA regions. The best thing about it is campaign approval. The approval rate is very good. Even if they decline your application to join they give a proper reason for it which helps in making your website better.

Gary C.


As a platform, this network ticks all of the boxes for publishers and content creators looking for monetization solutions. It is one of the best affiliate networks out there if you are looking for a variety of campaigns for many regions. Apply to campaigns, once approved, you start earning. That’s simple.

Kendra S.

Media buyer

The best thing I like about Salepals is the fact they often have new brands to connect publishers with. The affiliate link tracking system is reliable and there's no minimum payment.

Mike P.

Social influencer

The platform is fast to load and intuitive to navigate. Their tracking system is working great. They pay good commissions to publishers and helps them get approved on a brand’s program. The site itself is pretty intuitive and provides a better UX than other affiliate marketing platforms. Essential details like commissions and contracts are visible within a few clicks.

Judith H.

PPC campaign manager

For me, Salepals solves the problem of identifying high-quality brands relevant to our publishing space without the hassle of sifting through irrelevant affiliate programs. Some affiliate platforms focus on quantity; however, but Salepals is focused on quality.

John D.

Affiliate marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together the answers to questions frequently asked by publishers about salepals affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which you are paid for advertising others' products or services. Publishers promote products and place tracking links on their website, app, or blog. Doing so, they are driving traffic to the advertiser’s landing page. Eventually commissions are paid only if a conversion action is performed.

It depends on which affiliate program you choose and how successful you run your affiliate campaigns. Every program has a different commission, and a distinct set of terms to comply with. First, you will need to decide which industry is best suited for your blog, affiliate sites or social media audience. Next, you will need to choose the brand, each having different payment plans. Lucky for you, we've only partnered with the highest paying affiliate programs, with high conversion rates.

There is no minimum payout, you get paid whatever you earn promoting our campaigns

We pay your earned commissions daily directly to your bank account by direct transfer.

We accept affiliate websites from every type of affiliate. Some publishers do not have a website. The only prerequisite is to be able to put a link to promote the program you want to join. All publishers who want to participate in salepals network must pass our compliance team. Usually, publishers drive traffic from a search engine, an ads, or social media posts to their website or directly to the advertiser’s page.

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